Review Process

Works sent to the journal are automatically scanned by for the determination of the similarity rate. Studies with a similarity rate higher than 20% after the scanning are returned to the author by informing them. Studies with a similarity rate of less than 20% are reviewed in terms of writing and publication rules first. The company is asked to pay a fee for the technical and design processes of the works that comply with the journal rules.

At least 2 referees are appointed to the paid articles in accordance with their field through the system. The review process is conducted confidentially within the framework of double-sided blind referee practice. A report is requested from the referees by justifying their opinions about the study they have reviewed on the article evaluation form. In addition to the online evaluation form, referees can also show their corrections on the text. The author should make these corrections and add them to the system as a corrected text.

If the author does not agree with the referee opinions, he / she is given the right to defend his / her objection and opinions. It ensures a mutual communication between the editor, the author and the referee, while protecting the confidentiality.

According to the absolute majority of referee reports, it is decided to publish the article or not. In the event that the positive and negative reports are equal as a result of the referee evaluation, the editor reassigns a referee.

The unpublished article is archived in the journal system. The scanning price of the unpublished article by is deducted by and the remaining amount is returned to the author.

 The referee process in the journal is completed within an average of 3 months. In the article, the author is obliged to rearrange his work in accordance with the scientific ethical rules and add it to the system in line with the referee / referees' corrections.

Articles without corrections are recorded in the archive and are not published. Scientists who submit articles to our journal are deemed to have accepted in advance that ethical violations or similar situations have not occurred.

Multiple articles of an author cannot be published in one issue.

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