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Information Technologies and Applied Sciences (ITAS) began its publishing life under the Journal of Turkish Studies that is online since 2006 and indexed by dozens of international databases with ISSN: 1308-2140. Now, ITAS continues its publication life with a separate number (ISSN:2667-5633).

ITAS is both online and printed journal that publishes acedemic, scientific and research based articles. 

In addition to special issues, Journal of Information Technologies and Applied Sciences regularly publishes a maximum of 50 articles in March, June, September and December.

Guest editorship system is implemented in ITAS. In almost all volumes has different guest editor(s).

The language of articles can be Turkish, English, Russian, German, French.

ITAS in present situation became a center point of Information Technology and its all applications in our life and established an important literature in this field.

ITAS is in touch with great numbers of Institute all over the world. It has agencies in 30 countries from Norway to Canada. 

ITAS under the Turkish Studies is being indexed by tens of indexes and databases such as ULAKBIM TR Dizin, EBSCO, DOAJ, ICAAP, Scientific Commons, MLA, ASOS, AMIR (Access to Mideast and Islamic Resources), Journal Directory, DJS (Dayang Journal System). we are working on different indexes.

Besides academic publishing, Turkish Studies developed an online journal publishing and article track system. Today over 50 journal have been using this system. 

ITAS became a sufficient reference guide in the field of computer sciences and information technologies.

ITAS has open access policy.

For article processing and submission, ITAS has no charges.  However, once an article is decided to be published, then authors are needed to pay publication fee. The fee is 100 USD.

ITAS is an open-access and double blind peer reviewed journal.

Turkish Studies-Information Technologies and Applied Sciences
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